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Coloring your Hair

Advice for Coloring Your Hair

Coloring your hair can provide some benefit apart from looks if you have thinning hair, as it can protect the hair from breakage. It has been said that coloring can be harmful to the hair, and that is true if using bleach or not following the instructions as directed.

Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD., dermatologist and instructors at the UCSF School of Medicine explains that semi-permanent, acid-based colors can provide some level of protection for the hair, as they can leave a protective coating around the hair.

Here are some tips to take into consideration when thinking of coloring your hair:

Forget the bleach for coloring your hair

Bleach is damaging to your hair. Bleaches remove the color from the hair through a process called oxidation. This process removes the pigment in the hair, and will remove all pigment completely if left on for too long. The damage comes because bleach can leave your hair dry and brittle, and can remove elasticity – leaving your hair more prone to breakage.

Go with a Natural Look

You should think twice about choosing a color that is too far from the hue of your scalp. For those with thin hair, going from light to extremely dark can draw more attention to the spaces between the hairs. If you are talking to someone and you notice their eyes are drawn to the hair instead of your face, it can be an indicator that your color isn’t right for your head.

Having a lighter shade of hair as you age can help with a more youthful look and will soften your features.

Consider a Professional

This should always be a consideration when making the decision to change your color. They will have access to all of the tools required, the latest tips and trends, not mention the experience and knowledge. Many people end up having to see a professional after a botched job at home anyway, so why not save yourself the time and headache?

It is also suggested that you ask your stylist about vegetable-based dyes and other options that are better for thinning hair and healthier for your head. Be sure to avoid ammonia-based products, those containing peroxide, and of course bleach.

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