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Ellanse helps rejuvenates the skin

Ageing of the Skin

As we grow older, our bodies and its functions start to show signs of ageing. The condition of our skin are affected by many things. Some of the main things that affect us are the Sun, sleeping habits, vices and the weather. For vices, we refer to excessive alcohol consumption, as it is diuretic, leads to dehydration which affects the skin. Another known vice is smoking. Smoking introduces free radicals to the body system which damage cells. It harms both the inside and outside of the body, which can cause wrinkles and crows feet.

Maintaining the Skin Condition

The one question that most people ask, “Is there any way to stop deterioration of the skin?”. The answer is yes but it requires a lot of effort as it is not that simple to reverse the signs of ageing, we can maintain it in its condition. Hydration is the first major thing to introduce into your lifestyle. Doctors recommend eight glasses of water everyday but a little more will not cause any harm. Water also helps with the discharge of toxins or free radicals as it passes through our body. Another factor to consider will be a constant sleep cycle. Our skin is affected by sleep as it also needs to rest. As we all know, one of the main signs of a lack of sleep is dark eye circles.

Reversing the Signs of Ageing

Thankfully, at this age of scientific brilliance coupled with the innovations of aesthetic doctors, solutions were found to counter ageing. As we age, one of the main things we lose are the collagen. An innovation called Ellanse is known for its face rejuvenation properties. It is made up of a biodegradeable material called Polycaprolactone(PCL). They are suspended in a Carboxy-methylcellulose(CMC) gel. When injected, the area on the face will become smoother as they are plumped up. Over time, the CMC gel is absorbed by the body, this results in collagen being produced by the skin naturally to replace the gel. This procedure is non-invasive and has minimal side effects. It causes a red bump where it was injected, which will dissipate after a few hours.


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