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Botox for a Better Hair Day

We all know Botox is the king of wrinkle reduction. But a new Botox trend is sweeping the nation—Botox in the scalp for sweat reduction.

The basic premise is that you get tiny Botox injections all over your scalp to cut down on sweat

Maybe you run at lunch and have to get back to the office without looking like you just got out of the pool. And some people just naturally sweat more.

This is especially good news for females who put a lot of time into getting their hair just right in the morning. We all know how the perfect hairdo in the morning can become completely frazzled even after a minor workout because of a sweaty scalp.

No, with Botox injections to the scalp, all that time and money spent on blow drying hair won’t go to waste. The phenomenon first started in New York at specialty, boutique dermatology practices. At the urging of patients, many doctors started looking at Botox as a way to solve what’s commonly referred to as hydrosis, or excessive sweating. The scalp, due to its many hair follicles was the natural move forward.

One side effect of scalp injections was increased hair growth. It’s a win-win for someone who’s trying to sweat less and keep their natural hair style.

But it doesn’t come cheap

It can take from 150 to 200 injections to get the desired results. At $1,200 to $1,500 per treatment, many women think it’s well worth the price.

To apply the treatment, the doctor injects the Botox right into the hair follicle. It “turns off” the sweat gland for six to twelve months. This is longer than standard Botox treatments—which typically only last six months—so many women see it as a once a year indulgence they only have to worry about one time.

The Botox sweat treatments take effect within about two weeks of the treatment. One side effect is that patients might notice they sweat slightly more in other places as their bodies try to adjust to the deactivated pores. But it won’t last as the body figures out how to even out the sweating.

Botox for sweat treatments are becoming more popular as on the go women see the benefits of keeping their hair in top shape after intense workouts.

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