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Jaw Slimming Chin Fillers with Kowayo

Christmas with Kowayo

With the beauty standards changing and evolving, everyone has different ideas about the ideal looks. As we cannot control our looks as they are based on genetics, we can only reshape it in the hands of a professional doctor.We recently met with Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic to discuss about some of the treatments they are providing in a three part series. The coming ones are done with the Christmas season in mind. One of the more popular ones are chin fillers. An ideal chin according to most people are the V Shape and jawline. Chin fillers are done in just one session and the downtime is minimal. The fillers are bio-compatible and can be reversed if needed. This leads to a safe procedure and good for contouring the face.

In addition to the fillers, another treatment that is paired with the chin fillers are the Botox Jaw Slimming. This procedure requires a few jab to the jaw muscles. It leads to a relaxation of muscles and this will give it a natural look. It is not invasive and this method is safe. Additionally, there is minimal downtime and it heals fast. Couple these two treatment together and it will enhance your facial features, resulting in a beautiful you.

For any queries, feel free to contact Kowayo at +65 6884 4280.

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