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Droopy Eyelids – What does it mean?

The area of skin around the eyelid has no subcutaneous fat in it and is also has the thinnest skin area, when compared to the entire human body. The eyelid area in the face not only protects the eyes, but also outlines the different muscles found in this area. Thus, when you face a problem in this area, you could be suffering from Ptosis or a Droopy Eyelid. This is quite common in Singapore and is usually nothing to worry about. However, in certain cases, it can signify something more severe than just ageing (more on that later).

Droopy Eyelids / Hooded Eyes

droopy-eyelids, droopy eyelid Singapore

The medical condition of droopy eyelids could be due to various reasons like skin ageing in the area among aged person. This condition may affect a single or both the eyes of a patient. Ptosis can be a temporary condition and in some cases where the condition is severe, you might suffer from vision blockage. In most cases the condition can be treated after a surgery in Singapore.

When you are suffering from droopy eyelids, whether in 1 or both eyes, you would need to visit the doctor and he would check your medical history in detail. Here you might be questioned regarding how long you have been suffering from this condition. Later on the doctor may check your eyelid area using a light which is intense. When facing the intense light your eyes might suffer from dilation. There is also the Tensilion-test. Here the doctor would inject your veins with a drug which is known as Tensilion. Then the doctor would ask you to do certain eye muscle movements which would test how the eye muscles work. Usually the administration of Tensilion would improve the function of your eye muscles considerably.

Treatment for Droopy Eyelids

The basic cause creating the condition of Ptosis would need to be analyzed and then treated. If you are suffering from this condition due to old age, the simplest treatment will be aesthetics based. Clinics in Singapore such as Kowayo specialise in treatment of a droopy eyelid and would be your best bet. In some cases you might opt for plastic eye surgery. In some severe conditions where your vision is getting blocked, you would need corrective vision surgery and later on you would need to wear special glasses.

droopy eyelids, droopy eyelid Singapore

A droopy eyelid can be serious

The development of Ptosis could indicate the development of certain medical conditions. People suffering from migraine could develop symptoms related to Ptosis. If your eyelid area gets swollen and there is the presence of inflammation, you might suffer from a simple eye sty or in some case you might have nerve injury. However, in more serious cases, medical experts are of the opinion that a droopy eyelid can also be a warning sign before a person suffers from a stroke or has cancer developing within his body.

As such, it is highly recommended that you consult a doctor immediately if you notice a prolonged droopy eyelid. This is especially true if you are below the age of 45, of which suffering such a condition is not very normal. As mentioned before,  always go to a specialist clinic such as this but also seek multiple consultations from various doctors.

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