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Ellanse in Singapore: Where can you get it?

Ellanse in Singapore: Where can you get it?

Ellanse is a hot topic among beauty experts in Singapore right now and its easy to see why. Extremely popular in Europe, China, Taiwan and Korea, many Singaporean beauticians have been waiting in anticipation for this revolutionary dermal filler to hit our shores.

What is Ellanse?

Ellanse is a revolutionary next-generation of dermal filler which can stimulate natural collagen production in your body, giving you long lasting and natural beauty. Ellanse is highly regarded for its safety as well as fast and long-lasting results of up to 4 years.

Where can I get my Ellanse done in Singapore?

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic


Situated at 1 Raffles Link, this clinic comes with a strong reputation, even before being well known as one of the top users of Ellanse in Singapore. Many customers are regulars which is a very good sign. It’s well known for its professionalism with a highly experienced and friendly doctor – Dr Wong Kee Seng. Dr Wong is also the official trainer for Ellanse in the region and regarded as a key opinion leader of Ellanse. Prices are surprisingly competitive considering the high standard of service.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Main Pros: Highly experienced doctor. Competitive prices. Friendly staff.

Main Cons: Located near the citylink at marina square.

1 Raffles link 01-03B

Singapore 039393

Email: info@kowayo.com

Tel No: 6884 4280

Knightsbridge Clinic


Also billed as a quality clinic, Knightsbridge has a following among young ones in their 20s. The deco is luxe and nice. However, the doctors that are certified to do Ellanse are a tad young, which could be a concern for some. While I’m sure they’re still solid given their fine repute, I tend to lean more towards experience when it comes to aesthetic treatments.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Main Pros: Amazing deco, comfortable environment

Main Cons: Young-ish doctors.

The Knightsbridge Clinic

277B South Bridge Road

Singapore 058826



Many people are talking about M&W, perhaps because they are the cheapest among the three. The place is lively and the staff are friendly. You can imagine the atmosphere is to be a little hip. Location is very convenient as well since they’re located at Doby Ghaut. Nonetheless, the staff can be a little pushy in order to close sales. They have a lot of favourable reviews too so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative you can consider them.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Main Pros: Young and friendly staff. Good location. Competitive prices.

Main Cons: Can be pushy when it comes to sales. Less personal as it’s mass market.

Scotts Clinic (Scotts Medical Center)

9 Scotts Road

#11-03, Pacific Plaza



All three seem to be well-liked with many favorable reviews. Personally, I value experience and safety highly, so I’ll probably go to Kowayo’s Dr Wong Kee Seng. Puts me at ease knowing an authority is serving you.

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