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The face is an important part of the body as it is the focal point in a conversation. During a conversation, the natural course of action is to look at a person’s face to speak to him. Alternatively, when not in a conversation, we look at a person’s face to determine his mood or status. This allows us to judge his emotion, to see if he is in a state ready to interact or not. As they always say, the first impression is the most important
Another reason why the face is important is that we are naturally self-conscious of ourselves. A pimple or an acne breakout and we will be scrambling to the nearest pharmacy to get the relevant medicinal creams. Additionally, facial care is a topic that has been emphasised and preached to take care of the skin. It is a billion dollar industry that many brands are vying for a slice of it. With technology advancing, many different products are created for the different steps in skin cleansing.




Learn the different methods of maintaining the skin.

There exists many different ways and methods to cleanse the skin. It also differs based on skin types and climate of the area. A general idea is as such:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Moisturizing

Learn the different methods of maintaining the skin.

Cleansing involves first remaining any form of makeup before proceeding with a face wash. While cleansing the face, it is paramount to clean every area of the face to remove the sebum and dirt. These are the causes of pimples and acne. The next step is to apply a toner. A toner is a fast-penetrating liquid that hydrates the skin while removing the dead skin cells as some might not be expunged from the cleansing. The last step is moisturizing. It helps hydrolyze the skin which can prevent dry skin. It also improves the skin texture and skin tone. Additionally, moisturizers retain moisture, which can act as a barrier from some free radicals.
Of course, depending on one’s preference there are many more steps that can be inserted in between. There is masking, for example, it cleanses deeply while unclogging pores. Some masks also have added benefits like vitamins or minerals which helps enrich the skin, giving it a glow. On a biological level, the drying of a face mask which leads it to harden along with its removal causes an expansion of the blood vessels in the skin. This results in softer and smoother-looking skin.
Another step that most people incorporate is the application of sunscreen. In sunny places, it is important to apply sunscreen as it helps protect us from harmful radiation that emanates from the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays with no protection can result in sunburns and premature ageing, and in the worst case scenario, skin cancer.


In this day and age, science and technology have advanced to a level where we are able to alter and enhance our own looks. Society too has reached a level of understanding and acceptance for aesthetical enhancements or also known as plastic surgery. Back in the past, it was frowned upon by many people, but due to the growing open-mindedness of the current generations and with the reach of technology, it has become widely accepted as a way of improving one’s self.
With technology expanding the reach of celebrities, many of us are exposed to the people who won the genetic lottery. This leads to a perception of what beauty or perfection looks like, which drives us to want to be like them, be it through aesthetics, character or behaviour. While the latter two can be changed willingly, aesthetics is something that we cannot alter by ourselves. It requires the skilled hand of an aesthetic doctor to enhance features of our face. While invasive treatments are well-known in the past, current treatments have evolved to be non-invasive.


Fillers are one of the most well known aesthetic procedures. As we grow older, pockets of fat in our face start to lose volume which results in the skin sagging, which results in sunken cheeks and temples. Fillers are then injected and this plumps up the area that is lacking and the areas targeted are usually the nose, cheek, temple and chin. Additionally, fillers can be used to treat Dark Eye Circles. Light-weight HA fillers are injected into the tear trough to rejuvenate and lighten the Dark Eye Rings.
A facelift is known to be extremely invasive with a long downtime but luckily for technological advancements, new treatments have been created to counter the above-mentioned effects. Sygmalift is an example of such a treatment whereby it uses a combination of different therapies to lift the skin. There is the Cold Laser which improves the skin, Fractional Ultrasound to facelift and Collagen Stimulation to give form to aid in facial remodelling. Saggy skin and wrinkles are treated with Sygmalift with no pain and minimal downtime.
Speaking of Collagen Stimulation, Ellanse is an innovative treatment which helps to rejuvenate the skin. Benefits of Ellanse includes removing wrinkles, treating fine lines and provides a natural facelifting effect. It is done by stimulating collagen which helps to maintain the tightness, elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Ellanse has 4 different treatments that can last from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 years.
To decide on the treatments, it is best to consult with an experienced doctor before commencing on a procedure. A doctor is able to recommend the appropriate treatments to work on the areas that one desires to be improved on. They can prescribe post-treatment care to maximize the effects of the treatment.

Learn how to take care of your face

The face has many important benefits. Learn how to take care of them