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Facelift in Singapore (Without Surgery)

For many years, facelift surgery has been the only solution for Singaporeans who want to deter the signs of ageing. For example, a facelift would normally remove sagging and wrinkles but it involves going under the knife. In addition to this, it can also be expensive as well as requiring time off of work and facelifts are known for being painful.

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However, technological advancements now mean that we can introduce a new option – getting a facelift without surgery. With no permanent side effects, this procedure gets deep into the skin and encourages the growth of collagen. The skin surface remains relatively untouched and undamaged.

Advantage of Facelift Without Surgery

By using lasers, the old epidermal pigmented cells will be eradicated and new collagen growth will be promoted. Furthermore, the appearance of lines can be reduced using ultrasonic treatments as well as lifting the brow line, smoothing crows’ feet, improving skin tone, and lifting the neck and jaw line. As opposed to surgery, these facelift treatments require very little downtime meaning that you can go back to work sooner than ever before.

Thanks to all of the above, Facelift in Singapore without surgery is becoming ever-more popular. Additionally, the lack of scars is also a huge bonus for many as is the lack of risk and financial cost.

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Whilst most faceflit treatments are offered by professionals, we are also starting to see more products to be used at home hitting the shelves. Over time, skin cells will regenerate and enzymes will be blocked so that collagen has a better chance of survival. Also, they will improve skin tone by battling discolouration and hyper-pigmentation. After a period of consistent application, your skin will look younger and healthier.

When to do Facelift in Singapore

Before making any dramatic changes to your daily routine in terms of products, you should always talk to your skincare physician as they will be able to give you the best advice possible. Schedule a consultation at non-surgical facelift specialists such Kowayo at Raffles. Experienced doctors will immediately be able to tell if you are suitable for home-based products or need something more. Furthermore, they will also give you options as far as laser facelift treatments and ultrasound technology goes. In recent years, radio-frequency is also growing in popularity in Singapore so there are now a good amount of options. As long as you talk to a professional who knows you, making a difference to your skin has never been easier. No longer does it require extortionate amounts of money, scars, and a lengthy downtime on the other side. 

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