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sagging skin

Fact vs. Myth: Facial Sagging

There are several factors that are working against us and weighing our skin down

The first is gravity, but more importantly, the structure of the skin starts to change as we age. Rejuvenation begins to happen at a much slower pace, the tightening eases as we lose collagen, and environmental effects take their toll. From sun damage to changes in weight, and of course genetics, there is an army battling our skin each day. Unfortunately, these are all some of the facts of life. There are also many myths out there about why we experience sagging in the face. It’s important to stay educated and determine the difference between myth and fact.


Some say that depending on your position when you are sleeping, you could cause some sagging skin – especially in the stomach down position. While you may see a few sleep wrinkles that will ease once you are up and around, it is unlikely that your sleep position will cause wrinkles. Getting enough sleep is key to a great complexion, so you are more likely to notice saggy, gaunt skin if you are not getting enough shut eye.


Running is a high impact exercise that seems like it would have some effects on the face. The skin will move when running as the body is basically moving up and down and moving against gravity. While there are some experts in the field that say over time the movement in the skin may cause a bit of collagen damage, but the biggest factor in collagen breakdown is age.

Weight Loss

When we lose weight, there will be some extra skin left that was compensating for the extra pounds we were carrying. Over time, some of that skin will tighten up. Again however, the sagging skin will happen due to age and other environmental factors.

Facial Exercises

Facial exercises can be beneficial to the overall look of the face. You can increase muscle size (slightly), definition, and strength in your face through exercise. Reversing the sagging of the skin is unfortunately not going to happen through exercise though. Over time, we lose a bit of bone mass in the face. As well, though collagen loss naturally as we age, the skin will start to sag regardless of the exercise we do.

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