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Reasons for a Facelift

Let’s face it; genetics plays a major role in how we age and how our looks change as we get older. There are several factors, however, that influence the changes in our complexion as well, including:

  • Sun exposure
  • Smoking
  • Environmental factors
  • Stress
  • Weight fluctuations

As they say, what’s done is done, and after years of negative influence on the skin, it’s tough to undo the damage that has been done. However, it is never too late to make positive changes in your life that will help you retain a more youthful appearance. From diet to exercise to quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy weight, there are several things that can be done to be good to your skin.

For some, these changes aren’t enough to get the results that they would like to see. The sun damage, stress, and other factors have take such a toll on the skin that it has already started to become droopy and saggy in places where it used to be taut and youthful.

For those who want to take the next step toward repairing the damage, facelifts are an option that can help smooth wrinkles and lift problems areas, thus creating a soft contour along the face.

A facelift has many advantages, including:

  • Tightening loose areas in the face
  • Bringing back the contour of the jawline
  • Creating lift around the edges of the mouth
  • Easing the wrinkles in the face and around the mouth

If you have some fatty deposits in the face, many times you and your doctor can decide to pair the facelift with a liposuction procedure that will remove these deposits while performing the facelift.

You will find that after a facelift your look is more youthful. The results are lasting as well, many times a facelift will last from 5-10 years.

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