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Restylane: Your Solution to a Beautiful Face

A natural substance in your body, Restylane is currently used as a common face injectable to enhance your beauty. Many people prefer this due to the fact that no surgery is required, and it is a lot more affordable than the actual surgery itself. Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic is one of the recommended clinics which offer such face injectable procedure. Here are a few non-surgical procedures involving Restylane available at Kowayo:

Non-surgical face slimming

Many people envy the looks of Korean celebrities, sharp face and beautiful features. Kowayo, like its name suggests, allows you to become good looking as well. By the work of Restylane injection, your facial volume can be enhanced and facial contours improved tremendously. Even square jaws can be fixed with Restylane injection, and it is generally regarded as a safer alternative to invasive surgery. Other than creating a better facial shape, it also rejuvenates your skin, removes those annoying frown lines and alters your tired eyes.

facial slimming 2

Rejuvenating your skin

facial slimming 3

Fixing square jaw

Nose enhancement without surgery with Restylane

Restylane will be injected into the nose area by a skilled doctor, which will then be massaged and molded into place. The nose shape is fixed accordingly, depending on whether you have a droopy tip or want to disguise a hump on your bridge. It is also a great choice if you are contemplating a nose surgery, since the injection is totally reversible, you can go for this non-surgical option before committing to the permanent surgery.


Create an aesthetically better-looking nose

Chin filler enhancement

If you are dissatisfied with the shape of your chin, Restylane filler injection is able to give you a sharper chin as well. Widely recognized as a safe and natural product, Restylane serves to create an aesthetically better-looking chin with minimal downtime and no pain.

facial slimming

Sharpen the chin for a nicer V shape

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