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Understanding Ellanse – Singapore’s newest face filler

Ellanse is finally in Singapore

Ellanse in Singapore is a relatively new product. Strange, for a brand to come in to what is already one of the most cramped markets in this region for medical fillers. But perhaps, because of the widespread pervasiveness of fillers in Singapore, Ellanse saw an opportunity. So what is Ellanse all about? And what makes it so different from Sculptra, Juvederm, Restylane etc?

Well, a little known fact is that Ellanse is actually the world’s first dermal filler that acts as a biostimulator of collagen, with results lasting up to five years.

Developed by AQTIS Medica, this dermal filler provides a safe and unique longevity designed for aesthetic medicine and surgery. It is made of poly-carolactone (PCI) and is known as a soft medical polymer. It offers maximum potential for modelling thanks to the optimum viscosity, elasticity, and homogeneity.

Ellanse fillers, Ellanse in Singapore

What is Ellanse for?

Primarily used by models, because of its combination of viscosity, elasticity and homogeneity, Ellanse can be used for a variety of beautification including:

  • Correction of wrinkles
  • Removal of fine lines
  • Contouring
  • Volumizing
  • Sculpting

Ellanse injectable filler is used for deep dermal and subdermal implantation. In clinical studies, the product was used for sub-dermal soft tissue augmentation and deep tissue augmentation of the facial region.

It produces immediate results, and biostimulation works to produce longer-lasting and sustained results. You will see your face start to grow younger for a few months after Ellanse is applied. The gel-carrier works to create physical correction that you can’t beat. The carrier causes the product to slowly absorb over a few weeks after treatment.

ellanse in singapore

Good thing about Ellanse is that results look 100% natural

Cost & Availability

How much will you pay to grow younger instead of older? $10,000? $100,000? Sell your HDB and take a loan for $1,000,000? Fortunately, Ellanse costs less than $1,000 since it is, after all, just a dermal filler and will have to compete with the others in the market today.

As for the availability of it, Ellanse does not seem to be pushing marketing hard in Singapore just yet. So far, Kowayo is just one of the handful of clinics that offer this treatment in Singapore. You can find out more about Kowayo’s Ellanse treatment here.

Who can use Ellanse?

Ellanse is perfectly safe for both women and men of varying ages. It can aid with deep folds around the mouth, nose, cheeks, facial scars, and even for deep acne scars. It is a non-animal, non-bacterial, non-human derived product. It stimulates the production of your own collagen, which only further adds to its ability to transform your facial appearance.

It is also predictable and controlled by tunable bioresoption, and has a premium safety profile. It also makes the ideal customized treatment option. Restoring your facial contours and increasing volume is made easy with this product. Patients can expect full face lifting properties without invasive surgery or the risks associated with it. The results of this treatment can last up to four or five years maximum.

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